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Tailored information to everyone, everywhere, in every situation.

Introduction to Excosoft

Our vision

The key to success is making sure everyone has correct and relevant information in every situation - tailored for who they are, what they are doing, and the tools they are using.

There are many traps when looking for technical information:

  • Does it concern the correct product model? If not, instructions may not be applicable or outright wrong.

  • Is it up to date, or could it contain errors that were fixed in later editions?

  • Is the information official and guaranteed by the product vendor, or is it written by someone else who does not accept responsibility for the content?

  • Who is the content written for and what skills does it require? Is it relevant for me?

  • If I find an instruction, how do I know that it is meant for the purpose that I need?

  • Is the content relevant for the market I am in, or could it contain instructions that are only valid in other markets?

  • Is it applicable for the product in its current state, or are there preconditions that must be fulfilled?

Our mission

Our mission is to provide innovative and high-quality software solutions for producing, maintaining and delivering user assistance material that raises the value of products and services.

Who we are

Excosoft is a privately owned company with more than 30 years experience of solutions for technical documentation. Founded in 1986, we have been faithful to our mission: to turn information into knowledge. Our solutions exist to make sure that when a product user needs knowledge about the product, it is quickly found, clearly presented, relevant and correct – no matter if it is a question of technical specifications, usage instructions, processes, certifications, service instructions, or whatever. Ultimately, we help our customers raise the value of their products by making them easier to use.

We believe in creating long-term value. It's not about creating documentation, it's about creating easy-to-use products. Skribenta is like a customized knowledge bank, with all the tools you need to collect information, generate content, and turn it into accessible knowledge for your customers.

How we work

We always aim to establish long term relationships with our customers where the key is to create mutual value. One of the most important tools to do this is to listen. Our starting point is to try to understand the situation and requirements that our clients face. Only then can we provide solutions that address their needs and create lasting value.

Our products can transform information processes in ways that affect many people and various processes. To maintain control and avoid disruptions we prefer to do this in smaller iterations. We always think big, but we take one step at a time.