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Topic Finder CDP

Deliver and delight your customers.

Impress with your own user assistance portal

Topic Finder Content Delivery Platform (CDP) is the online platform where your content meets your customers and comes to life. Publish all your user assistance content, tagged with metadata about where it is valid and when it is useful, so users find exactly whey they need. Benefit from our continuous development and new features to always stay at the front line of your industry.

Search and filter

With Topic Finder CDP your content is always searchable. Add tags and faceted search to let your users filter according to whatever criteria you define. Specify where each published topic is valid, so your users always get instructions for the correct product, variant, or release.

These search and filter options will keep your users coming back:

  • Define validity criteria to make sure your users get the content that is valid for the system release, product model, or project that you have delivered to them.

  • Enable faceted search, so they can quickly apply filters based on taxonomies that you define.

  • Add clickable tags for easy navigation.

  • Allow your users to quickly search for text and keywords across all information matching their validity criteria, tags, and selected filters.

Video and interactive content

Once your user assistance content is online instead of on paper or PDF, naturally you want to take advantage of the types of media the web offers. Topic Finder CDP supports all common video formats used on the web. We also offer exciting ways to make your content interactive, such as highlighting content.

  • Include video and audio in your content.

  • Highlight parts of an image when a user click or holds the mouse over a related description.

  • Conversely, highlight the description when the user interacts with different areas in a picture.

  • Include customizable diagrams, where users can turn on or off parts of the diagrams by selecting different options.

Brand your content

You are in charge of the layout and style of all content, using standard CSS.

  • Start with a standard look-and-feel that you can easily customize with CSS.

  • Provide your users with a responsive design that looks great on all devices.

  • Add your own logotype and brand name on the web browser tab.

Confidently maintain and deploy new content

A user assistance portal is only good if it is up to date. Topic Finder CDP lets you maintain and expand your content without causing downtime or inconsistencies.

  • Upload content for new products or system releases without affecting any of the existing content.

  • Review all changes on a staging site before going live.

  • Deploy the staged content to production with zero downtime for your users.