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Process support

Excosoft helps you analyze requirements and processes.

Process support

Define your processes

Our skilled consultants can help you define the processes you need in place to support technical documentation, depending on the needs of your organization and the nature of your documentation.

Using a method that involves investigating the current situation and the desired situation, they will guide you to a better understanding of the changes needed.

Documentation development process

The documentation development process outlines the steps involved in creating, reviewing, and publishing technical documentation. It may include tasks such as researching and gathering information, writing and editing documentation, and reviewing and approving documentation for publication.

When using Skribenta, it will also include how to reuse content, adapt reused content for different products or situations, use Segment Localizer to translate it, and where to publish it.

Documentation review and approval process

The documentation review and approval process outlines the steps involved in reviewing and approving technical documentation before it is published. It may include tasks such as reviewing the documentation for accuracy and completeness, seeking feedback from subject-matter experts, and approving the documentation for publication.

Documentation maintenance process

The documentation maintenance process outlines the steps involved in maintaining and updating technical documentation over time. It may include tasks such as reviewing and revising documentation to ensure it remains accurate and up-to-date, and tracking and addressing any issues or errors that are identified in the documentation.

Documentation distribution process

The documentation distribution process outlines the steps involved in making technical documentation available to the intended audience. This may include tasks such as publishing the documentation on a website or other platform, distributing the documentation via email or other means, and making the documentation available for download or printing.