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Cut costs and time to market

Automate your content production process.

The process of producing a new manual would take 6 weeks—today it's done within minutes.

ASKO Appliances

Automate and optimize your user assistance creation

Empower your technical writers

Excosoft's unique user interface makes it easier than ever for the technical writers to navigate in the source content and find exactly what they are looking for. Time not spent searching directly translates to improved productivity and reduced costs.

Many years of improvements have gone into a powerful set of functions that give the writers full control of the information structure.

Write once, reuse everywhere

Rely on reusable content files where product data and other differences between product models are automatically filled in when the content is published. When done right, thousands of unique documents can be produced and maintained by just a handful of technical writers.

Automate your data flows

Integrate with your other data sources, such as ERP, PDM/PLM or DAM systems, to automate data flow and get all the right data in your published content without any manual work.

Save up on translations

Save up on translations using Excosoft's integrated translation memory, which ensures that you never pay for translation of the same paragraph more than once.

Reducing the amount of translation is also very helpful for bringing down time to market. In many cases, translation of new variants based on existing documentation can be fully automated in seconds.