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Improve customer satisfaction

Deliver the content they need, when they need it, where they need it.

Skribenta is very good and beneficial for creating a faster user manual preparation process using one master document.

Boštjan Sovič, Director of Shared R&D Units at Gorenje

6 ways to support your customers better

Provide specific information for each product and product model

Forget about shipping one manual that covers all of your products. Skribenta makes it easy to customize your content. The same master files can be used to produce unique documents tailored for the specific properties of each of your products, product models and product generations.

On one hand, the master files can be maintained centrally so common improvements and corrections are applied to all variants. On the other hand, the content of each variant can be controlled separately by using variables, conditions and other single-sourcing mechanisms built into Skribenta.

Deliver online and always keep the content up to date

Some documentation may be required in physical form because of legal requirements, but make sure that it is your online user assistance portal that your users turn to for information. There, you can be sure that they always get the most correct and up-to-date content.

Adapt your content for different types of users

What information a user needs depends on what they are doing, but also what role they have. An expert user can process more advanced information than a rookie user. A service engineer has other needs than an operator or a consumer. When your content is published on our delivery platform Topic Finder CDP, you can filter the topics available for your users to make it easier for them to find the content that is most relevant for them.

Localize and serve your content in your user's own language

With the translation support we provide in Segment Localizer TM, you can translate and localize the user assistance content for all your product variant without busting your budget. If you are like most of our customers, a lot of content is the same between your products and variants. Segment Localizer TM remembers the translations for shared content and optimizes the translation process in many ways, to reduce the cost for translation and localization.

Publish your content in many languages to Topic Finder CPD and let your users decide which language they want top read. Of course, the choice of language defaults to whatever they have selected as first choice in their browser.

Provide context-sensitive help in your software interfaces

User interfaces should be intuitive, but sometimes users need help. With Skribenta you can easily connect components of your software interface to user assistance topics using product keys. Then each topic can be loaded in Topic Finder CDP with a unique URL based on the product key.

If your application runs inside a browser, the user assistance portal can be opened with the right topics in a frame inside your application. Or open it in a separate web browser.

Let your users filter and find in your information

Categorize and label the topics that you publish in Topic Finder CDP. Your readers can use your categories and other metadata to easily filter the topics using faceted search. Tags, keywords and metadata fields help make the content searchable. Of course, all text in your topics are automatically searchable.