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Raise productivity

Collaborate and automate efficiently.

Today we can make a change and publish a new publication in five minutes—and it can be opened directly in a web browser.

Marko Hietaharju, NIBE

Raise productivity

Reuse content for improved efficiency

Easily reuse existing content with full control over where it is used. Keep your source content minimal while generating huge amounts of customized end-user content.

Skribenta comes with a full set of reuse features that gives you fine-grained control of the completed output content for each product, project, customer or whatever categories you publish for.

Quickly search and find anything in your source content.

Never again be frustrated about not finding that description or procedure that you know was already written somewhere. The search function in Skribenta lets you search all your content in one go. You decide what to search for - text content, attributes, file names, translations, etc.

Of course, you can restrict your search with date limits, require precise match or approximate, and select which language to search in if you have multilingual content.

Manage differences

Reusing a description or procedure is one thing, but what if some reused content must be different in different contexts? An installation procedure might be almost identical for a whole family of products, except for a few instructions that depend on the product configuration.

Don't worry, you can easily add conditions in the source content based on your product data. The conditions determine what content goes into each document. Enter the product data manually in Skribenta or integrate with your PDM system to import it seamlessly.

Use a style sheet for your layout and branding

In Skribenta, your content is separated from your layout and branding. When Skribenta builds your output documents, it applies your style sheet to make sure that everything looks right. This way, technical writers can focus on the content without the need to think about layout and style issues.

Whenever your branding changes in any way, only the style sheet needs to be modified. Then it can be automatically applied to all your documents, so that you get them all in the new format.

Deliver content to the web with the click of a button.

Our online content delivery platform Topic Finder is fully integrated with Skribenta so that you can publish your content directly to the web. Once your site is up and running, you can add new content incrementally as you add new products or new versions.

For improved quality control, you can choose to publish to a staging slot first. After reviewing the published content online, copy it to your official site without any downtime for your end users.

Optimize your translation process

Don't spend time on managing your translation orders because we will do it for you. Segment Localizer TM keeps track of all your translations, reuses existing translations, and calculates the translation needs in every project down to individual paragraphs. This way you don't have to pay for translating the same content multiple times.

All texts that need to be translated are automatically packaged into a bundle ready to send off to your translation agency, without any manual work.