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Information analysis services

We help you understand and improve your content structure.

Fast support and customer service are appreciated, and the willingness to understand our issues and solve them.

Caroline Jansson, Svensk Byggtjänst

Information analysis

Welcome to work with our experienced specialists

Our documentation specialists have a long and wide experience in the field of technical documentation. They love new challenges and long to find out about your needs and requirements.

Whether you use our products or not, they are ready to help you improve your technical documentation in many ways with your information analysis. Here are some of the more common challenges that they can assist with.

Identifying the purpose of the documentation

It's important to understand the purpose of the documentation in order to determine what information is relevant and what can be disregarded.

Sometimes, documentation exists because "we should have it", without a clear definition of its purpose.

Reading and reviewing the documentation

This involves carefully reviewing the documentation in order to understand its content and identify any gaps or inconsistencies. Often this requires a very good understanding of your products, which our specialists may not have, but they can provide tools and methods, and if needed plan and lead the work.

Organizing the information

It helps to organize the documentation into manageable units to make it easier to work with and understand. A common approach is to organize it into topics, where each topic covers a specific subject, rather than complete books or documents. Still, many details need to be considered. Some common questions are:

  • How large should a topic be?

  • How many topics do we need?

  • Are there relations between topics, and how can they be defined and used?

  • How do we make sure that both technical writers and our end users can find the topics they need?

  • How are topics reused?

  • Is a topic always the same or can it be adapted for different contexts?

Our experts can guide you through questions like these.

Reusing content

A very common challenge in technical documentation is that many documents contain the same or similar content. Reusing that content instead of copying and pasting makes the work much more efficient in the long run, but sometimes it takes skills and experience to understand what content should be reused, how large chunks of content should be reused, and what reuse mechanisms to use.

These are questions our documentation experts work with daily, so you can count on a good understanding of the various questions that come up.