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Do you produce many products?

Is it challenging to produce and maintain the documentation for them all?

Here is more information about how our products can help your documentation catch up.

The process of producing a new manual would take 6 weeks—today it's done within minutes.

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The more products you have, the more documents you need to describe them. It can get really challenging to provide users with relevant, correct and up-to-date documentation. Especially if the products are sold on many markets, so that every change triggers the need for translation.

To make it easy to manage and produce documentation for many products, it is important to have an efficient and streamlined documentation production process. Automating parts of your workflow can reduce errors and save time. Skribenta excels at automating document production and can turn your technical documentation team into a well-oiled machinery that spits out manuals for your products faster than you can build them. Here are some highlights.

Documentation management

Skribenta can help you organize, track, and manage documentation for multiple products. It can also help streamline the production process and ensure consistency across all documentation.

All information is centralized and easy to find in Skribenta. Nothing gets misplaced and writers don't have to spend a lot of time searching for the right files.

Single sourcing

Reusing content is the first and most important step on the road to super-charging productivity when there is a need for producing many documents. Instead of dealing with hundreds or thousands of source files that need to be maintained, the same master content can be reused and adapted for an entire category of products.

Skribenta comes stacked with all the single sourcing technology needed to implement single sourcing that is both powerful and easy to use. It is used by global suppliers of consumer goods with thousands of unique documents and a steady flow of new products and variants that must reach the market on time.

Automatic formatting

Say goodbye forever to error-prone and time-consuming manual layout and typesetting work. Whether you publish to PDF, HTML or some other format, Skribenta automatically applies all formatting.

Formatting uses powerful style sheets that are custom-made for your brand to ensure that every document looks right.

If there is ever a need to change the branding or layout, it can be done in the style sheet. Then all your documents can be reformatted, so the documentation of each of your products always follows your branding rules.


In an efficient system, each piece of information has one single source location, even when it is needed in many places across different systems. Integrating the systems and automate the information flow between them not only saves a lot of time, but can also help maintain consistency when information changes.

Skribenta can be integrated with any of your other systems. Some common automation tasks are:

  • Fetch correct and up-to-date technical data for each product.

  • Fetch relevant drawings and other graphics for each product.

  • Fetch product configurations, which can be used in conditional formatting to ensure that each of your documents has content relevant to the product it relates to.

  • Automatically build PDFs and deliver them to your distribution platform or whatever system you want them in.

  • Submit translation projects to your translation agency.

Translation memory

When dealing with massive amounts of documentation, translation can be overwhelming. Not so in Skribenta, thanks to our translation functions with an integrated translation memory.

Skribenta always knows exactly what needs to be translated in each document. This is automatically compiled into a translation order, ready to send to the agency.

Best of all, once a translation has been accepted, it can be reused everywhere. When you have many products, usually a large part of the technical documentation is the same or similar. Once one of those documents has been translated, Skribenta applies the translations to all. In short, much less translation needed, which translates directly to lower cost and quicker production times.