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Promote your brand.

Enforce consistency with brand rules and avoid quality problems.

Now we don’t have to think about the layout when adding content. The style template handles it for us.

Caroline Jansson, Svensk Byggtjänst

Use technology to reinforce your brand

Enforce your brand identity with style sheets

If brand compliance depends on maintaining your branding in each document living its own life, then it quickly becomes overwhelming when the number of documents grow to hundreds or thousands.

In Skribenta, the branding is defined in a style sheet which is separated from the content in your documents, and applied anew each time the document is printed to PDF or published to the web. Process all your content with the same style sheet to make sure that it conforms to your visual branding guidelines at all times.

If at any time your logotype or any other aspect of your visual identity changes, simply update the style sheet and reapply to all content.

Ensure consistency in expression and terminology

Reuse components to ensure consistency in expression and terminology across your products. Reuse also helps keep the volume of your source content small and manageable, which makes it easier to maintain and prevent errors.

Define lists of forbidden terms in your content, which Skribenta marks in the same way as spelling or grammar mistakes.

Quickly search and find similar texts to reuse and improve consistency further.

Improve quality with multi-channel publishing

Use Skribenta's build-in multi-channel publishing technology to publish the same content to multiple formats such as PDF or HTML - and eliminate any errors that comes from maintaining multiple copies of the same content.

Own your translations

Take control of your translations with our translation memory. Make sure that once a text has been translated and approved, that translation cannot change uncontrollably the next time the document is modified and sent for translation of the changes. This way avoid unnecessary mistakes that can affect your brand negatively.