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Skribenta Delivery Manager

Store, approve, publish and track all actions.

Store and manage your completed documents

Skribenta Delivery Manager (SDM) is a document management system for user assistance documents for customers with special needs for tracking and auditing their quality processes.

Long term storage of your finished documents

Produce documents in Skribenta CCMS and store them in SDM with custom metadata. Whenever the documents are needed, look them up in the SDM archive. Organize the documents in customizable categories and groups according to your own processes.

Version control

Add new versions to reflect the chronology of your deliveries from Skribenta CCMS, so you always have access to your historical deliveries.

Customizable workflows

Add fully customizable workflows to support your processes. Assign roles to each step, with various options for when the step is considered done.

Audit trail

Maintain an audit trail showing when and why each document changed status in the workflow. Track who reviewed, approved, released and so on. Possible to integrate with your own authentication mechanism for making sure that each step is performed by a validated user.

Integrate with your delivery portal

Hook up SDM to your delivery portal to make sure that all documents that pass the entire workflow are automatically published to your end users.