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Keeping Pace with Change: Maintaining Technical Documentation under the EU Machinery Regulation

The EU Machinery Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2023/1230) emphasizes the importance of up-to-date technical documentation for machinery safety. This extends beyond the initial production – the regulation requires manufacturers to maintain and update documentation even after a machine has been delivered if significant changes are made. Excosoft's suite of CCMS (Component Content Management System) and CDP (Content Delivery Platform) solutions can be a manufacturer's secret weapon in this ongoing documentation dance.

The Challenge of Ongoing Compliance

Imagine a scenario: a machine is delivered, but after some time in operation, a safety upgrade becomes necessary. Here's where the challenge arises:

  • Updating Existing Documentation: Technical manuals and instructions need to reflect the modifications, ensuring users understand the new safety procedures.

  • Maintaining Traceability: The link between the implemented changes, the updated documentation, and the original risk assessment must be clear.

  • Timely Delivery of Updates: End-users need prompt access to revised information to ensure continued safe operation of the machinery.

Excosoft: Streamlining Post-Delivery Documentation Maintenance

Excosoft's solutions offer functionalities specifically designed to address these challenges:

  • Single-Sourcing for Efficient Updates: Skribenta, the CCMS, utilizes single-sourcing, where reusable content components form the building blocks of technical documentation. When a change is made, only the relevant component needs updating, automatically reflecting the change across all manuals and instructions.

  • Version Control and Revision History: Skribenta tracks all revisions to documentation components. This ensures clear traceability between the original documentation, implemented changes, and the updated instructions. Users can access previous versions if necessary.

  • Automated Content Delivery: Topic Finder, the CDP, allows for automated content delivery. When a component is updated in Skribenta, Topic Finder can automatically push the revised information to the online user manuals or knowledge base. This ensures end-users receive the latest safety instructions promptly.

Benefits of Using Excosoft for Ongoing Documentation Maintenance

By adhering to the new Machinery Regulation requirements for technical documentation, manufacturers gain several advantages:

  • Reduced Time and Effort: Single-sourcing minimizes the time and effort required to update documentation after significant changes.

  • Enhanced Accuracy and Consistency: The centralized management of components in Skribenta reduces the risk of errors or inconsistencies in the updated documentation.

  • Improved User Safety: Automated content delivery through Topic Finder ensures users have immediate access to the latest safety information regarding the modified machinery.


Maintaining up-to-date technical documentation is an ongoing responsibility under the EU Machinery Regulation. Excosoft's CCMS and CDP solutions empower manufacturers to meet this requirement efficiently, ensuring ongoing compliance, user safety, and a streamlined post-delivery documentation management process. By leveraging Excosoft's tools, manufacturers can focus on delivering safe machinery solutions with the peace of mind that their documentation reflects the latest modifications.