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NIBE is a global organisation that develops, manufactures, and markets a wide range of eco-friendly, energy-efficient solutions for indoor climate comfort in all kinds of buildings. They also offer components and solutions for intelligent heating and control for industrial and infrastructural applications.


For NIBE, publishing documentation and making changes to existing documentation was extremely time consuming. Materials were first processed in Illustrator, then transfered over to InDesign for continued processing and, finally, put into Acrobat before publishing. A minor change required one day’s work. Furthermore, publications could only be opened in Acrobat, not in a web browser—something their customers often complained about.


NIBE switched to Skribenta, and adopted a solution called “dynamic docking” where a graphic product configurator shows how one can build a product using a selection of optional components.


“It used to be extremely heavy work…” says Marko Hietaharju. ”Today we can make a change and publish a new publication in five minutes—and it can be opened directly in a web browser.”

NIBE has been using Skribenta since 2007 and, today, has around 3,000 active documents. Instead on relying on the time consuming copy-paste method via InDesign, NIBE uses dynamic docking. Benefits include time savings, easy reuse of content, faster translations, and the ability to publish documentation in a responsive HTML format.

“We translate into about 25 languages,” Marko continues. “When we translate, the text is recycled by Skribenta so we only have to make minor adjustments. Something which used to take a tremendous amount of time when we were using InDesign.”