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Svensk Byggtjänst


Svensk Byggtjänst is an informational knowledge hub for construction and real estate in Sweden. The company provides customers with information on current technology and regulations, and develops tools and meeting places that create efficiency and profitability for the entire sector. Information is supplied in the form of literature, online services, magazines, newsletters, and other informational services. One of the important pieces of information they produce is AMA, a reference work of good practices and technical information describing requirements for materials, workmanship, and finished results for ordinary work within construction.


Manual handling of documentation was becoming an overwhelming and time consuming task for Svensk Byggtjänst. Their documentation is published both in print and digital form, the contents of which must always be identical to one another. Every time they wanted to print documentation, InDesign files had to first be exported via Sharepoint to layout. And both TIF and GIF files had to be generated for each figure due to different resolution requirements depending on format. Layout design was then handled manually chapter by chapter.

“We were looking for a cloud-based service that could handle files for both print and web—simple user management was important!” Says Caroline Jansson, technical writer at Svensk Byggtjänst.


With the ability to quickly and easily publish multiple documents simultaneously and in a variety of formats—from PDF to HTML— among other efficient features, Skribenta offered Svensk Byggtjänst a major break and opportunity to optimize the entire documentation process.


“Much of our manual handling and efforts to achieve desired results were easily solved by Skribenta,” says Caroline. “Now we don’t have to think about the layout when adding content. The style template handles it for us.”

Favorite Skribenta feature?

“I don’t know which one to choose. Fast support and customer service are appreciated, and the willingness to understand our issues and solve them—that’s my favorite feature!”