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Relevant documentation.


Excosoft helps you tailor your technical documentation for every user interaction.

Skribenta is very good and beneficial for creating a faster user manual preparation process using one master document.

Boštjan Sovič, Director of Shared R&D Units at Gorenje

Today we can make a change and publish a new publication in five minutes—and it can be opened directly in a web browser.

Marko Hietaharju, NIBE

Now we don’t have to think about the layout when adding content. The style template handles it for us.

Caroline Jansson, Svensk Byggtjänst

The process of producing a new manual would take 6 weeks—today it's done within minutes.

ASKO Appliances

We simply create better manuals with Skribenta.

Patrik Bredin, Nasdaq

Main benefits

Improve customer satisfaction

Make sure your users always have correct and relevant information at hand for whatever task is at hand when using your products. They will be more productive, make fewer mistakes, and become more satisfied customers.

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Raise your productivity

Digitalize and optimize your content production and delivery to raise productivity. Deliver more content in shorter time.

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Step up your field services

Always provide your service engineers with correct and up-to-date information and instructions, customized for the product model they service. Optimize their work and avoid mistakes.

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Improve your sales

Provide high-class online content to your potential customers to increase your market presence and show them what they will get.

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Promote and protect your brand

Make sure that your user assistance and technical content are consistent and follow your brand guidelines. Avoid documentation errors that could reflect badly on your brand.

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Cut costs and time to market

Our tools are designed to optimize every part of your work process to make sure that each task requires a minimum of time and money.

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Customer stories

Since implementing Skribenta, Gorenje’s documentation process has improved significantly—both in terms of productivity and the ease of day-to-day work.

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NIBE has been using Skribenta since 2007 to manage 3,000 active documents. Dynamic docking saves time and allows easy reuse of content, faster translations, and responsive HTML format publishing. Skribenta has proven to be invaluable in enabling NIBE to work more efficiently and produce high-quality documentation faster.

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The time for producing preliminary documentation went from 6 weeks to 90 seconds. Documentation is now additionally used as a sales tool— after meeting with a client, a 150-200 page manual can be immediately produced and emailed to the customer.

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With the ability to quickly and easily publish multiple documents simultaneously and in a variety of formats—from PDF to HTML— among other efficient features, Skribenta offered Svensk Byggtjänst a major break and opportunity to optimize the entire documentation process.

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With Skribenta, Bromma optimized their documentation process, resulting in better quality at lower cost.

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GE Life Sciences uses Skribenta to produce, maintain and translate a large number of publications of various types and sizes.

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Skribenta CCMS

Skribenta CCMS is the production environment for technical information, where you create and maintain your content. Designed for the requirements of demanding industries, it makes it possible to manage large amounts of documentation with minimum effort and maximum quality.

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Topic Finder CDP

Topic Finder Content Delivery Platform is the online platform where your content meets your customers and comes to life. Publish all your user assistance content, tagged with metadata about where it is valid and when it is useful, so users find exactly whey they need. Benefit from our continuous development and new features to always stay at the front line of your industry.

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Skribenta Delivery Manager

Skribenta Delivery Manager (SDM) is a document management system for user assistance documents for customers with special needs for tracking and auditing their quality processes.

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Getting started

Deployment options

Choose how you want to run Skribenta: In the cloud managed by us, or on premises in your own network.

If you let us handle it, we can have your environment up and running within a day. Of course, in this case we take care of all the IT management such as monitoring and security updates.

If you prefer to run it yourself, our staff help you get started and make sure you have all the information required for successfully installing and maintaining the system.

Legacy documentation

If you prefer to import your existing documentation to get a smooth start with a new system, we help you out. We can help you import from whatever source format you have. Many of our existing customers have imported their documentation from Word, Indesign or FrameMaker.

If you have translations we can also help you build a translation memory based on your translated manuals. This is a great way to ensure that you don't have to start over with translations after migrating.


Skribenta is built with easy-of-use as a guiding star. Even so, tools such as version control, configuration management, content reuse and multi-channel publishing introduce new concepts and processes compared to page-based tools. But don't worry, we provide you with all the training you need to get a good start.

Training comes in various forms, including regular courses (online or onsite) and hands-on support with your own content and challenges.

Create content

Creating content in Skribenta is easily done in our fully integrated editor. It is carefully custom made to work seamlessly with all other functions in the system and provide a great work environment for technical writers.

Easily add text, images, tables, lists, warnings, formulas, and tons of other types of content.

Publish to the web

When you have some content you can quickly setup a publishing channel which builds HTML files using a predefined style sheet that comes out of the box with Skribenta. If you like, they files are uploaded to Topic Finder, our content delivery platform. Invite your end users, who will be able to read and search in your published content.

Or if you prefer, you can upload the HTML files to any web server of your choice - but then you will be missing out on a lot of great features in Topic Finder!

Publish to PDF

Do you need to deliver your content as PDF? All you need is to apply a PDF style sheet. Again, you can use a pre-installed style sheet as a starting point and build PDFs from day 1. All our standard PDF style sheets come with bookmarks, table of content, and clickable links.


You probably want the published content to reflect your own brand, which means that some level of customization is required. No problem, there are many different customization options and it does not have to be a big thing.

From making minor adjustments to a pre-installed style sheet to building a brand new style sheet from scratch, or from adding some new information types to adding complex functions supporting your internal process, we can help you.